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What is The B'Old Intern & the best of both?

For seasoned executives being thrown all things digital at them, how not to throw the baby out...

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Our purpose


We want to work with businesses that try to make life better for people

Its starts with empathy


We need to understand your 'why' and 'how' and then your customers

Innovation meets Brand


We are consultants that work in and on the business to build plans for growth

Vijay's TEDx talk from 2018

The inspiration for The B'old Intern came from an observation over the last 10 years that shows that as digital technology evolves we have created a societal disconnect.  This talk is a plea to create an industry that is the 'best of both'.

That means one where digital natives get passionate about strategy, brand, purpose & consumers and where legacy leaders commit to re-learn.  

Collaboration without complacency.

About Us


We have innovated through digital

Over the last 20 years, I have built websites, created apps and built digitally-led strategies and programs.  From interactive TV for Dove in the 1990s, new websites for Time Inc, the digital & mobile experience for Shazam, the social strategy for BlackBerry, the digital innovation program for Philips and so on.  I have had a strong thirst for the new and as a result I fell naturally into digital strategy and plans.  Innovation that delivers growth.


We start with leadership, brand & customers

Over 25 years in industry, I've created and launched brand & customer strategies.  I've built teams and created new products and services.   I've  learnt a heap in the process.  Some might call that wisdom and at least experience.  My ground rules always starts with the triangle of leadership, customer and brand.  I love understanding why consumers do what they do.  We build strategies and plans around customer worlds, NOT ours.  The 'why' is so critical and all modern businesses have to be grounded in purpose.


We need a balance of DQ and EQ with BQ

From my experience in recent global roles for Philips & BP as well as running an industry body, I have seen the societal and industry disconnect between digital thinkers, often vs analogue thinkers. 

The answer isn't digital, it's purpose, manifesto, brand & customers.  That said, how we execute and grow is likely to be enabled by smart technology.  We need to build strategies and teams that reflect diversity of mindset to build better business outcomes.  You need people who get people as well as technology.

Consulting Services

How we make a difference for you?

We offer consulting services in the areas of:

- Building purpose and a manifesto for your business

- Creating a clear brand and customer strategy through insight

- Building new services and products - innovation

- Creating culture, structure & process for innovation & growth

We'd love to ask questions to understand your needs and your appetite for disruption.

We bring 25 years of experience from both corporate intrapreneurship, transforming media companies  & start ups including companies like Unilever, BP & Philips; Global Radio & Southern Cross Austereo through to Shazam &


Some of the brands we have worked on (client-side)


Events & Media we've done


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